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Marco's Gardening Services

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Planting & Removal Services

If you need to get rid of plants that have become unsightly, died, or just need to be removed. Customers often times need to add trees or shrubs that can improve the look and quality of their property. Our planting and removal services can spruce up your yard, add visual appeal, and remove plants, bushes, and small trees that have died or are simply unsightly and help improve your property appeal.

We can remove plants, small trees, and shrubs

If you have dead or problem shrubs, plants, and small trees we can remove them for you. Dead or dying plants are not only an eyesore, they can spread disease to healthy plants and attract pests to your yard and home.  Our crew will remove the plant and repair the area as needed. 

Do you want to beautify your property with new trees, plants or shrubs?

Marcos Landscaping Services provides planting services. Want a new tree, bush, or shrub planted around your home?  We can do it for you! Plant a shade tree that will grow to shade your home, saving you money on future utilities and reducing your energy usage. Plant bushes around your home to provide beauty, a place for wildlife, provide privacy, and more. In addition, with Marcos Landscaping Services you get peace of mind knowing that anything we plant is guaranteed for one full year. We also provide expert consulting in the pre-construction and during the project.