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About Land Clearing and Wildfire Prevention

Marcos Gardening Services offers Land Clearing and Brush Removal services throughout San Diego County. As residents of San Diego County ourselves we know the importance of Brush Removal and Land Clearing, San Diego County is extremely susceptible to wildfires which thrive on the brush and small dry plants that are native to the county.

Keeping your land clear of brush and other native plants is key to ensuring that your property will remain safe from the fire dangers that living in San Diego presents, especially in rural areas of East County like Santee, Jamul, El Cajon and Ramona, it is important that you this service performed regularly around your property to ensure it is safe and up to the regulations of your city.

The importance of proper brush removal in San Diego

Maintaining defendable space around structures on your property by hiring Estates Tree Service for our Brush removal and Land clearing services will keep your home safe from the dangers of wildfires.

Depending on your homeowner’s insurance, many policies require 50+ ft of clearance around any structure on your property, brush removal will not only keep the fire from getting too close to your property but it will also allow firefighters to defend your structures in the event of fire.

For more information on brush removal, land clearing, and defendable space visit the Cal Fire website.


Brush and land clearing services throughout San Diego

We offer our Land and brush clearing services throughout the county of San Diego, but in many cases, you should also consider the other foliage on your property including pruning your hedges, tree trimming, tree removal or palm tree trimming.

You want to create a beautiful yard without sacrificing the safety of your property, keeping your trees healthy and well maintained will help you to ensure that your trees do not become a danger during wildfire season.

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Estates Tree Service has been helping to keep San Diego safe since 1992, and Land and Brush clearing is just one of the many services that our expert staff is prepared to perform. In many cases homeowner attempt this daunting chore themselves, however, if you value your time and safety it is best to consult with an expert to have your land cleared of dangerous wildfire fuel.

You may also be required to keep defendable space around your property by your renters or homeowners insurance policies, keeping up on this service in order to maintain insurance will keep you safe during emergencies and protect your property from the dangers of living in San Diego County. Like all of our services Estates Tree Services proudly provides free, no-obligation estimates for Land and Brush Clearing.

Did You Know, The SDGE Sunrise Powerlink Grant Program has set aside a fund for homeowners like you to receive reimbursement for creating defensible space around your home. If you’re interested in more information, visit the detailed article we have written or contact us today for more information on Land and Brush clearing in San Diego, the grant can also be applied to Tree Trimming and Tree Removal if they pose a threat to your home.