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Lawn & Garden Care

We understand that your property is a big investment and we want our customers to know that we are here to help them enjoy their outdoor living space.

Planting & Removal

If you need to get rid of plants that have become unsightly, died, or just need to be removed. Customers often times need to add trees or shrubs that can improve the look and quality of their property. Our planting and removal services can spruce up your yard, add visual appeal, and remove plants, bushes, and small trees that have died or are simply unsightly and help improve your property appeal.

Irrigation & Drainage

Irigination system design and installation – We use the highest quality irrigation materials to guarantee leak-proof, durable and efficient, customized irrigation solutions. During our installations, we take great care to minimize lawn damage by using the industry’s best equipment.

Spring & Fall Cleanup

The change of seasons can have a profound impact on your landscaping and the health of your lawn. Excess debris, leaf litter, and other organic materials that aren’t dealt with in a timely manner can be more than just unsightly.

Stone & Hard Scaping

Marcos Lanscaping Services takes care of all your hardscaping needs. Whether it’s residential or commercial, we can provide an inspired design and exceptional service. Our team will care for your whole project.  We handle demolition, landscape design, and the installation of spectacular hardscape features. Here’s an idea of what we do.

Land Clearing and Wildfire Prevention

Marcos Gardening Services offers Land Clearing and Brush Removal services throughout San Diego County. As residents of San Diego County ourselves we know the importance of Brush Removal and Land Clearing, San Diego County is extremely susceptible to wildfires which thrive on the brush and small dry plants that are native to the county.